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Veronica L Scott

Western Australia


An action packed plot and thought provoking theme.

Author Veronica Scott has crafted a whirlwind adventure which will have readers collectively gasping: "Could this really happen?"

The international page turner is set around Western Australia and Indonesia and will hold readers attention from the first to final page in one thrilling session.

With her parents dead and brother missing, Lori O'Neill pursues an opportunity to work in Indonesia, where Ian disappeared.

Her future is soon overshadowed by a deadly hunt. Stepping off the plane at Jakarta airport, she is thrown into a dangerous pursuit and showdown with the murderous Mohammed. Veronica Scott's richly crafted villain stops at nothing in his pursuit for power and world domination.

In Indonesian Betrayal, Veronica Scott has created a compelling story and likeable hero which is likely to raise interest for a sequel, or for the hero Lori O'Neill to appear in a new adventure.

In a passage from indonesian Betrayal, Veronica Scott writes: "Glen wasted no time. He pushed Jummy to the floor bedide the couch and leapt to the floor beside the couch and leapt onto David. The two men fought for the gun which fell to the floor. Lori crawled towards it and was about to grab hold of the handle when a shiny black boot crushed her hand into the carpet. She felt excruciating pain in her right hand. My fingers will break, she thought, as the boot pressed harder and harder. she raised her head to look into the eyes of Mohammed. She dropped her head again and her body shook with her sobbing. I kept ahead of him all that time in Indonesia and now in my own country, in my own house, he catches up with me.

Mohammed grabbed hold of her hair, pulled her face up from the carpet and pressed a cold cloth against her mouth and nose. She breathed in a strange smell and passed out."