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Veronica L Scott

Western Australia


"The Life and Death of Lily"


A second fiction novel by Australian author Veronica L Scott, with twists and turns culminating in a surprise ending.

Veronica is one of our exceptionally creative new authors to write page turning novels. Her imagination for writing thrillers should see her become a bestselling author.

"The Life and Death of Lily" brings us into the world of high class call girl Lily Campbell, when she is found dead in her apartment in an inner city suburb of Melbourne, and almost next door to the St Kilda Road police station. The detectives given the case to solve find politicians, underworld members, corrupt police, drugs, blackmail, hidden secrets and bondage have all been part of Lily's life.

Veronica's first novel "Indonesian Betrayal" would have left readers wondering: "Could this really happen?'

These two novels will not be Veronica Scott's only foray into the writing world. Third and fourth novels will see characters from both the first two books returning in future novels.

Veronica Scott was born in Melbourne, moved to Adelaide as a teenager and now lives in Perth, Western Australia. A vivid imagination developed due to her lonely childhood. Her WW2 veteran father left when she was three years old and, at the same time, her mother was hospitalised for almost three years with tuberculosis, after which she returned to full time work. Fortunately, Veronica's maternal grandparents were able to look after the little girl.

A survivor of breast cancer, two failed marriages, she is the mother of two adult children and a little grandson. Now married to her third husband, her children live nearby.

As a former member of the Army Reserve, Veronica Scott belongs to Perth RSL, Legacy WA, WRAAC Association WA and an affiliate member of the Rats of Tobruk. She is an experienced public speaker, qualified editor, proofreader and freelance journalist.

"The Life and Death of Lily" and "Indonesian Betrayal" are available as signed paperbacks from Veronica Scott, and also available for e-readers from Amazon and other online book stores.

Media Contact:

Veronica Scott

+61 416121945

[email protected]