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Veronica L Scott

Western Australia


With her parents dead, her brother missing, Lori O'Neill is alone. The opportunity presents itself to work in Indonesia in the area where her brother disappeared.

She is unaware that her life and the lives of others are in danger from the moment she steps off the plane at Jakarta airport. She and her companions will need to flee from the murderous and maniacal Mohammed, leaving behind the deaths of innocent people.

Once back in Australia, their safety is still in jeopardy, as Mohammed pursues them, determined to annihilate anyone preventing him from his desire for power and world domination.

Signed paperbacks available from the author at a discounted price of AUD15 plus postage and handling. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

NB: As my self-publishing company has gone into liquidation paperback copies will need to be bought directly from me. At this time I'm not sure about the e-books but if any are bought then I, in all probability, won't receive any royalties. I will be arranging personally to place the e-book on Amazon and other sites as soon as possible.

A signed, personally delivered copy within 30 klms of the Perth CBD for AUD 15.00.

AUD1.00 from the sale of each book will be donated to Legacy WA.

Indonesian Betrayal