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Veronica L Scott

Western Australia


New book "The Life and Death of Lily" by Veronica L Scott


High class call girl Lily Campbell is found dead in her apartment in an inner city suburb of Melbourne, and almost next door to the St Kilda Road police station. Detectives, Vern Hoffman and Georgia McLennon, are put in charge of the investigation of her murder and, after finding Lily's diary, they learn about her life before and after becoming a prostitute. Politicians, underworld members and corrupt policy have all been Lily's clients.

These important people are publicly embarrassed by revelations they paid Lily for sex. It becomes a massive investigation for the detectives to interview, check alibis and eliminate each suspect, as well as their wives, from the investigation.

Drugs, blackmail, hidden secrets and bondage are all found to be intertwined in Lily's life. Lily's father is murdered, her mother is left in a coma and Detective Georgia McLennon is kidnapped. Vern Hoffman's demons about his wife and daughters' hit and run deaths some time before compound the investigation. He believes underworld member, Matthew Isley, was responsible and is determined to have him convicted of something, anything to make sure society is protected from his evil. Detective McLennon also becomes embroiled in the personal lives of the characters in a way she had never expected and which could impact negatively on the outcome of the investigation and the ultimate trial. A twist in the murder will bring a surprising conclusion.